MSC World Ocean Day

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🌊 When the Fish Are Gone—A Wake-Up Call for Polish Consumers A Dive Into the Deep with MSC's World Oceans Day Campaign.

Raising awareness and motivating everyday action toward ocean sustainability by promoting sustainable fish products.

While MSC typically embraced a globally positive communication style, we knew a more dramatic approach would resonate better in Poland.

So, we introduced a concept that illustrated a stark reality—an ocean devoid of fish—to spotlight the severe consequences of overfishing.

A hauntingly empty ocean floor is the backdrop for a series of visuals featuring celebrities, creating a powerful reminder of what could be lost.

We enlisted popular Polish figures—singer Mela Koteluk, actor Kacper Kuszewski, and chef Grzegorz Łapanowski.

True to MSC’s ethos, the campaign was designed to be sustainable.

We minimized our environmental footprint by simplifying set designs and using materials that could be repurposed post-campaign, embodying the message we preached.

We leveraged outdoor media, social media blitzes, Google Ads, and collaborations with influencers  to amplify our message.

Our efforts paid off:
  • Outdoor media reached over 900,000 people with an estimated 8 million contacts.

  • Social media engagement soared, with campaign videos amassing nearly 170,000 views.

  • The Google Ads campaign further boosted visibility, driving thousands to the MSC website.

VCreatives have a remarkable understanding of the challenges faced by non-profits. Their creative approach to every project, despite short deadlines and limited budgets, consistently delivers impressive results that often exceed our expectations.

Joanna Ornoch, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager at MSC

Through this blend of emotional engagement and educational outreach, the World Ocean Day 2019 campaign successfully sparked widespread conversation and action across Poland, profoundly embedding the importance of ocean conservation in the public consciousness.

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