NOU Parfum

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Once a modest Polish homemade brand, NOU Parfum has blossomed into a fragrance powerhouse recognized across continents.

Teaming up with NOU, we've crafted a visual identity as enchanting as the scents themselves.

From the elegant bottle designs to the vibrant labels and packaging that tell a story at first glance.

Our journey began by sculpting the essence of NOU, from the unique shape of each bottle to the floral inspirations behind every fragrance.
To truly bring each scent to life, we personified them, blending colors, materials, and models to embody their individual stories.

Through extensive photo shoots, videos and renders, we captured the soul of NOU, fueling a rich narrative for digital storytelling.

We propelled NOU onto the international stage.

Our creative initiatives continued supporting the brand's growth in markets from China to the United States, making waves from Tunisia to Germany via Amazon.

For our latest campaign targeting the Asian market, we decided to dip our toes into the world of AI-generated content. 

While we're firm believers in the magic of human creativity, we had a blast experimenting with AI tools to achieve the precise look and quality we conceived. 

As NOU Parfum continues to enchant noses and hearts around the globe, it's clear that a blend of authentic storytelling and creative marketing can transcend borders.

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